How it Works

Step 1: Design Consultation

The first step is occurs when you contact RWW by phone, fax, email and we will set up a free design consultation at your home or here in our showroom/facility. RWW will get a full measurement of your home and discuss discus design options.


Step 2: Virtual 3D Design Walk-through

Next, our engineers will provide a color 3D design of the project. This will ensure that RWW will fabricate the exact piece of furniture you are looking for. The scaled drawings will incorporate all of the design ideas from the initial consultation. It is at this stage that we will finalize the design, finishes, accessories and the final price. Once everything is approved we will then commence the fabrication.


Step 3: Field Verification

Prior to fabrication of the cabinetry RWW will come out and field verify the sizes and make sure the cabinetry will fit the designed space. This extra step of the overall process is key because it will ensure what is designed and fabricated will work with the given field conditions.


Step 4: Fabrication

Once the 3D design and field measurement are approved, we will commence the fabrication. Each design is on a per order basis with no stock parts. Knowing the importance of scheduling we have one of the fastest lead times in the industry. When the product is ready we will then coordinate with pertinent tradesmen and make sure a smooth installation occurs.


Step 5: Installation

Experienced and trained installers arrive first thing in the morning and ensure a quality installation occurs. We inspect the workspace and make sure the space is level clear. At the end of the day all work areas will be swept and thoroughly cleaned as if we were never there at all.


Step 6: Follow Up

Following each project, a follow up will incur as to how the process went and if we met your complete level of satisfaction. Our business model is built upon word of mouth and references. RWW will do its best to make sure that every step of the process exceeded your expectations.