Our Products

The combination of looks and functionality is the key to a custom woodworking. Regal Woodworks specializes in custom cabinets, book cases, desks, etc.


We use only the finest selection of woods on the market. We hand inspect each and every piece of wood to make sure it is free of imperfections and defects. Premium lumber will ensure the product will have strength and integrity, thus allowing it to be durable.


We use only the highest quality hardware in the industry. We take pride in producing a durable product that will stand the test of time. The longevity and quality of the hardware is a key element in selecting cabinets. With the ability to customize your cabinet, we have the ability to fabricate the exact cabinetry you are looking for.


All our products are custom hand stained with furniture grade stains. This ensures a uniform finish that will be beautiful and durable. Artisans fully inspect the furniture to ensure the finish is consistent in sheen and overall color. Using old world attention to detail, each piece of furniture is hand stained and sprayed. This ensures uniformity of color and stain for all pieces.

Made in America

We take great pride in being a true American manufacturer. We keep jobs in America and assist America’s rebirth as a manufacturing country. The only way we can get back onto the road to recovery is by buying American products. Keeping our jobs here rather than overseas is a critical element to our business model. Do your part and buy American.


We set the highest standards in the industry. We are the benchmark when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. It has always been the Regal Woodworks philosophy to not cut corners and pay extra attention to detail. This dedication to elegant craftsmanship becomes evident in the quality work we produce for our customers. All of cabinetry is custom and fabricated on a per order basis. This ensures that all the cabinets will be the exact cabinet you are looking for. Lastly, our craftsmen inspect each piece before it is shipped to your home, verifying the quality of our product meets the highest standards.


Our top of the line machinery ensures that every piece of furniture is precision lined and leveled. This ensures that we product will last the test of time. It also guarantees that all of the components of the furniture are working properly. With constant updates to our machinery we are at the forefront of the latest woodworking machinery in the industry.

Unlimited Options

Because we are the manufacturer, you get unlimited combinations of material, color and design. If you can imagine it….we can build it. With access to the latest and greatest choices of woods, hardware, accessories and finishing products, we have the ability to fabricate any piece of furniture.